Celebrating 36 Years

I stepped out of the shower this morning with wet hair to the smell of bacon and was met by my wonderful husband on bended knee to a proposal that we spend the next 36 years together. What a wonderful way to start the day in celebration of our 36th anniversary.


Not long after we met at Western Carolina University, this guy (not a breakfast eater) started joining me for breakfast every morning at Dodd Cafeteria because he knew breakfast was my favorite meal of the day and no matter how early my classes, I never missed my bacon, eggs, toast and juice.


And one of the things he promised me when we married was a lifetime of breakfasts. A promise he’s kept by faithfully preparing bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles, french toast, eggs and other specialties.


So, of course, this morning was no exception with his version of an Egg McMuffin…something we refer to as an Egg McCollum and a glass of OJ.

Tonight we celebrate at Mom and Dad’s Italian Restaurant, a place we’ve enjoyed since my first visit to Ocklawaha. Happy anniversary to the best husband ever…yes, I’m ready for the next 36!

Salad for Breakfast?

I admit to being more than a little surprised when the waitress delivered my breakfast at B.D. Beans Cafe Co. on a recent Saturday morning. I’d ordered the egg and ham flat bread sandwich and I knew it would arrive with roasted red potatoes, but I did not expect a green salad with tomatoes, feta cheese and vinaigrette dressing. However, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

IMG_6780I guess I should have expected the unexpected since this fence is what brought me into the place in the first place.

IMG_6787I’d noticed this fence for the first time when driving through Belleview only a couple of weeks before our visit and decided I wanted to give this place a try. I figured even if the food was disappointing, I’d enjoy the decor.

I’m glad to say I wasn’t disappointed with the decor or the food, and it looks like a coffee lovers dream.

We couldn’t justify dessert for breakfast, but the cakes and other baked goods on display will give us good reason to make our next visit for lunch.


A little advice from someone who posted on Trip Advisor:

Beans is a little hard to find (it’s behind Salon 101, near KFC), but worth the effort. It’s been around for 17 years, so the atmosphere is rustic. But the food is excellent and very appealing to the eye.

Well said…how have I missed this place for 17 years?