TBT Lesson #19

When the Ted Williams Hitters Hall of Fame opened, my parents wanted to take their grandchildren to the event since many baseball hall of famers would be in attendance and signing autographs on that day. There was only one problem, the grand opening occurred on a school day. They asked if we would allow Meghan and Emily to miss a day of school to go to the event.

It was an easy decision. Yes, they could go! This was a great opportunity for the girls to spend the day with their grandparents and cousins and create some memories. They still tell stories about their trip to the Hitters Hall of Fame, their negative experience with Willie Mays, and the good ones with Brooks Robinson and Bob Feller, and of course, they still have their autographed baseballs.

Fortunately, their teachers also recognized the importance of this type of experience because they enjoyed the absence note I sent to school the following day asking that they be excused from school due to a case of baseball fever.

Meghan with Brooks Robinson

TBT Lesson #19: School’s important, but it’s not the most important thing.