Let’s go fishing!

It looks like your dad’s new boat is a keeper. He initiated it on Lake Rousseau on Friday and caught two large bass. One weighed in at over six pounds and the other over eight. He’s caught fish on both of his first two attempts in the boat so he’s pleased. On our way back from the lake he asked if I’d like him to take me out so I can catch a big bass in 2013, and I’ve accepted the challenge. I need to be included in the next edition of the Shutterfly fishing book since I’m sure Grandpa expects another to document the family’s newest fish tales.

John with 8 lb. bass caught on 12/28/12 on Lake Rousseau.
John with 8 1/4 lb. bass caught on 12/28/12 on Lake Rousseau.

I’m sure you’re invited as well. If you’re up for the challenge, it won’t take much coaxing for him to find time when he can take you out to catch a big one. Just give a call and say “Let’s go fishing!”