99 in ’99: A Look Back

A recent comment regarding the post 3 Down; 11 To Go got me thinking.

The comment: What did you do in 1999? referring to our development of a list of 13 things to accomplish in ’13 and then a repeat this year of 14 to accomplish in ’14.


So what did we do in ’99? With three daughters, ages 15, 12, and 9, I know exactly what we did. We attended, watched, drove, coached, kept score, and worked in the concession stand for 99 athletic events.

Soccer x 2 athletes

Softball x 3 athletes

Track and Cross Country x 1 athlete

Add in numerous 5K races including the Reindeer Run, Catfish 5K, and Turkey Trot (where Sarah brought home the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner) and the number certainly exceeds 99 events.


Travel to such exotic destinations as Shocker Park, the Big Sun Youth Soccer League fields, Jervey Gant, and Lake Weir High School, with occasional trips to Port Orange, Sanford High School, and Lecanto filled much of our time. Hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage, and chicken sandwiches served in foil wrappers sufficed as dinner. The life of a busy family.