It’s Best Friends Day!

So today, June 8th, has been declared National Best Friends Day or just another strange, fun, unique reason to celebrate. A day to join National Ferret Day, National Beer Day and National Picnic Day, but it’s also a day when we can tell a friend or maybe more than one friend that we appreciate their friendship.

As defined by Urban Dictionary: Best Friends are very special people in your life. They are the first people you think about when you make plans. They are the first people you go to when you need someone to talk to. You will phone them up just to talk about nothing, or the most important things in your life. When you’re sad they will try their hardest to cheer you up. They give the best hugs in the world! They are the shoulder to cry on, because you know that they truly care about you. In most cases they would take a bullet for you, coz it would be too painful to watch you get hurt.

“Throughout life you meet one person who is unlike any other. You could talk to that person for hours and never get bored, you could tell them things and they won’t judge you. This is your soulmate, your best friend. Don’t ever let them go.” ~Unknown (Certainly this is how I knew I’d met my best friend since only months after we met, John and I could talk for hours.)

“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.” ~Henry Ford”

I like you because you join in on my weirdness.” ~Unknown

“Best friends are people you can do anything with and nothing with and still have the best time.” ~Unknown

And, they’re even there for you when you throw out your back. 😉

The goal of this special day, to celebrate National Best Friends Day by letting your best friends know how much they mean to you!

To John, my best friend of forty years, happy National Best Friends Day.

Friday the 13th…a day to celebrate

Today’s my best friend’s birthday. I won’t reveal his age, but will say he’s older than me. Now that the cake is in the oven, it’s time recognize John with a Top 10 List.

So here it is, the Top 10 things I love about the birthday boy:

1) He loves the beach.

RSCN02952) He never complains about living in a house full of girls. (Although, he’s been known to put us all in our own rooms for acting up.)

IMG_43913) He cooks! Even when camping.



4) He took good care of his mother and continues to take good care of his family.

5) He’s a good sport, even when playing games that aren’t his favorite.


6) He’s a great fisherman who takes pleasure in helping others catch a big one.

7) He works hard not only at his job but at home as well.


8) He knows how to walk his daughter’s down the aisle.

9) He’s a sailor and a wannabe pirate.


10) He’s put up with me for almost forty years.

Happy happy!