A Bushel or a Peck?

Driving from Maine to Vermont, we saw hand painted signs pointing the way to Burtts Orchard, a place to pick apples. So we took a slight detour and found the advertised orchard.


I think the woman at the stand was a little surprised that we wanted to pick apples in the rain instead of just purchasing a bag of apples, but what fun is that? I can buy a bag of apples at any grocery.

So we were given a map indicating what type of apple was grown in each row with the ones ready for picking highlighted in yellow, an apple picking tool, and asked if we wanted to pick a bushel or a peck.

We decided a peck would be plenty, especially since they would be kept in the car until we returned home. Then we headed out to start picking.


The first couple apples were pretty puny so we moved on to another row and got busy picking only apples deemed worthy. We picked McIntosh, Empire, Gala, and Honeycrisp, all traditional September varieties and even picked a few Golden Delicious and Fuji that were ready a couple of weeks before their usual October picking season.


Of course, there was a little taste testing during the picking and after filling our bag, it was back to the stand to pay for our freashly picked peck. For less than $8.00, we left with fruit that we’d snack on all the way home. However, who can tell which apple is which? Was that a Honeycrisp or an Empire? Oh well, it doesn’t matter. We’ve started an apple a day habit.