International Table Top Day: No Bored Games Allowed!

How many of these games are collecting dust in your closet? Well, it’s time to dust them off or maybe you need to buy a new game or two in preparation for International Table Top Day.

Never heard of International Table Top Day? Well, it’s a celebration of tabletop gaming with the purpose of spending time together and having fun. Check out this video of last year’s event and look for the comments of Meghan’s friend, Devan.

The first games I remember playing were checkers and Block Head. Later, Yahtzee, The Game of Life, Careers, Clue and Scrabble entertained me. And then card games like Tripoli, Uno, Canasta, Pinocle, and Hearts provided hours of fun.


In recent years, thanks to my son-in-law, Jonathan, we’ve been introduced to a whole new world of games. You may want to try out the new version of Trivial Pursuit: Bet You Know . The one Sarah won recently moves more quickly than the original game since players earn the pie shaped wedges on any correct answer and everyone’s involved in every question because players place wagers on their opponents’ ability to answer each question.

IMG_3288Or maybe you’d prefer to play Steam Park, a board game Jonathan won on a recent visit. In Steam Park players build an amusement park in an effort to attract visitors and earn the most money. (Much better than building houses and hotels in Monopoly…and in only about an hour!)

A good two person game like Hive, a strategy game, or Jaipur, a tactical card game, or 1960: The Making of a President in which players replay the Presidential Election of 1960 may be more up your alley.

IMG_3055So many games. So little time.

Start making plans to join in on the fun of International Table Top Day and don’t forget to Tweet pictures of all the fun!

Image 13And share your favorite games! I’m always in the market for another!