Browsing Bumpers


Is it still called a bumper sticker when attached to a window? I’ve always been fascinated by these adhesive labels and their messages.

They express school pride,

and support of organizations.

IMG_6784I always wonder about the families that display stick figures of themselves on their vehicles.

Favorite places cling to cars.

And of course bumper stickers provide a clue as to the causes supported by the vehicle’s owner.

Some just bring a smile.

IMG_6781Love this one celebrating the place John and I met.

With election season around the corner, I’m sure we’ll all learn a lot about those in our communities from the bumper stickers bombarding us with the political views of our neighbors.

2 thoughts on “Browsing Bumpers

  1. I love looking at peoples’ bumper stickers; although sometimes they make me angry. One of my recent favorites was a car with 7 stick figure children. What made it so great is that it was a smart car. It made me wonder what their other car is.

    I’ve seen one that says the Smith Family then has the name of every kid under their stick figure. I thought way to make it easier for someone to kidnap your kids.

    1. I’ve been fascinated with bumper stickers since before I could drive, and I agree with you…what are some people thinking with the messages plastered on their cars?!?

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