TBT: Lesson #12

No fancy wedding picture, but 35 years later, we’re as happy today as on our wedding day.

August 4, 1979 - Celebrating 35 years on Monday!
August 4, 1979 – Celebrating 35 years on Monday!

What were we thinking…getting married so young! Fortunately, my mother married at age 18 and John’s mother was 19 when she walked down the aisle, so at 20 no one questioned the wisdom of marrying my sweetheart of over two years.

According to experts, twenty-five is the earliest age for making a marriage that will last, but we’re proof that’s not always the case. Common goals, support of friends and family, and being content with one another when running errands, doing chores, or just hanging out experiencing the mundane moments of life serve as better tests of compatibility than age.

TBT Lesson #12: There are no rules as to when someone should marry. Too young, too old, too poor, too busy. When it’s the right person, none of those things matter.

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    1. That’s not my purpose! We all need to realize that there’s nothing magic about an age, length of courtship, or any other factor when it comes to marriage.

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