The Turtle Shack

A day trip driving north on A1A naturally led to a search for another perfect cheeseburger. This time we found Turtle Shack in Flagler Beach.

IMG_6904Located on A1A, just across from the beach, diners can choose to sit inside in the air-conditioned portion of the restaurant, outside in the salt air, or on the open air porch. With the dark clouds rolling in, we decided against eating outdoors and took a seat at one of the picnic tables on the porch…a good decision since we fought the rain blowing in shortly after being seated.

We ordered the homemade potato chips so we could take a little time to peruse the menu.


It offered a variety of salads and sandwiches, but we had our mind set on a burger so a burger it was. Since it was after 2:00 when we arrived, and we had plans to go out for dinner later that evening, we split the 3/4 pound burger and onion rings. The burger was terrific, but the onion rings rank among the best I’ve eaten.

IMG_6910The next time you’re in Flagler Beach, my suggestion:

  1. Go to Turtle Shack.
  2. Sit outside or by the window.
  3. Order the homemade potato chips for an appetizer (and a drink if you won’t be driving).
  4. Enjoy the view of the ocean.
  5. Order a burger and onion rings.
  6. Get your spouse, child, or friend to order one of the seafood options.
  7. Split the two meals.
  8. Take your time eating and enjoy the view of the ocean.
  9. When you leave the Turtle Shack, go for a walk on the beach.


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