Dear Neighbor

heartThe February after we moved in our house, our neighbor, Mac stopped by one Sunday afternoon with an envelope for us to make a donation to the American Heart Association. He volunteered in their Dear Neighbor campaign by contacting those on our street requesting donations. Mac’s plan was quite successful. How could I turn him down when he stopped my to chat and then said it was time to collect donations for the Heart Association?

I know he left our house with a check every year and my guess is that he collected checks from most of the neighbors. Then about five years ago I was contacted by the American Heart Association and asked to take over the task of contacting neighbors for contributions. Mac was no longer in good health and hadn’t participated for a couple of years so they were looking for a new volunteer.

I felt that taking over Mac’s responsibility with this project was one small way I could help him since I knew this was an organization he felt strongly about. Of course, my own grandmother suffered multiple heart attacks and benefitted from research supported by the American Heart Association and my mom has a pacemaker so this this is an organization I would have supported anyway.

It’s February! It’s time for the Dear Neighbor campaign! I’ve addressed the envelopes, mailed them to my neighbors, and now I’m waiting for their donations to roll in. I’m sure Mac would have collected more money with his door-to-door efforts, but that’s not my style. Thanks for your support!

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