MMM New Look

I need your help! After 18 months of writing Mom’s Monday Memo, I changed the appearance last weekend, and I need your feedback.

When I began writing I chose a design with color in an effort to give readers something more visually appealing than just words on a page, but over the past year and a half I started added more images to my posts and felt the green background, yellow titles with red emphasis and brown border was becoming a distraction.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 8.50.15 AMIn addition, I wondered if the white font on a colored background should be changed to give the blog a more professional look. Do readers prefer dark print on a white or light background?

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 8.54.00 AMSo I’m asking for your input. What do you think? Which background to you prefer? How do you feel about the color of the font? This is your chance to offer suggestions, and I’m listening!

Please leave a comment below in the box “Leave a Reply” so I can determine if I should go back to the original look, keep the new one, or look for another alternative. I’m anxious to read your suggestions.

3 thoughts on “MMM New Look

  1. I personally saw nothing wrong with your old style and was surprised to notice the change last week. I must
    admit that for me it seems to be easier reading black print on white background. Just so long as you keep including your entertaining pictures, I think your new style looks great!

  2. Dee – I have always enjoyed reading your very interesting blog. I never gave the appearance much thought. But I will have to say that I like the “new” look better. It does look more professional and is very clear and easy to read. Just keep on blogging!

    1. Carolyn, thanks for your input. The new look seems to be more popular so I plan to stick with it. I’ll keep blogging so long as I can think of something to write about. I’m glad you’re a regular reader!

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