$200 Eyedrops? Ouch

eyedropsLast month my eye doctor asked what seems like a simple question that I had difficulty answering. “Do your eyes hurt?”

My response, ” I don’t know.”

Yes, I rub my eyes constantly. Yes, my eyes itch. Yes, they burn. And my eyes feel best when they’re closed. But do they hurt? I’m not sure. My eyes have felt this way for the past 35 years. Nothing’s changed. I don’t know if they hurt since this is all I know.

My doctor prescribed eye drops to be used twice a day. He said my eyes are not only red but swollen and he thought I should try this prescription to see if they helped. Since he didn’t have a sample, he wrote the prescription and warned me they may be a little pricy, but asked that I give them a try and then check back in a couple of weeks.

When I dropped off the prescription I was told they would have to order the drops and they should arrive in a day or two. This should have sent off an alarm. No eye drops at any Walgreens in the county?

Well, I understood the problem when I learned they would cost $205 – and I have insurance! I decided to pass on the drops since I can’t even remember to use the $5 over-the-counter drops on my night stand, in my purse, and in the glove compartment in my car.

I may not know if my eyes hurt, but I know I’ll feel pain when one of those eye drops rolls down my check or drips off the end of my nose which happens to at least 50% of drops I try to put in my eyes. Now that would be painful!

I did agree to splurge on a new pair of glasses with transition lens to provide additional protection from the sun since I remember my sunglasses about as often as I remember to use eye drops, but for now I’ll pass on the drops more expensive than gold until I answer the question about my eyes hurting in the affirmative.



2 thoughts on “$200 Eyedrops? Ouch

  1. While my eyes look like Dad’s, I think that I might actually have your eyes…red, itchy, dry. The eye doctor looked at mine last time and asked if my eyes itched. Similar to you I was like I don’t know. They didn’t itch as badly as they had earlier in the day. He asked if I use eye drops and I said when I can remember where I put them. He told me about an over the counter kind that I should try and said not to use Visine. Once I find where I put the name of the over the counter kind I’ll let you know what they’re called.

    Besides, I once had a sample of prescription drops and they were awful. When I would use them my mouth would taste like soap. I thought it was just in my head until I read the side effects which basically said it may make your mouth taste like soap.

    1. I do know better than to use Visine, but those are the only ones I could find for a picture. I would appreciate the name of your doctor’s suggestion because I will try to use drops more often…just not $200 drops.

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