6 Down; 8 To Go


IMG_4484 A trip to Big Talbot Island State Park just south of Amelia Island made the list of 14 in 14. Our goal was a sunrise visit, but a trek to Boneyard Beach requires planning since the area is only accessible at low tide.

Low tide, at sunrise, in April…sounds perfect! Of course, not only was the day overcast and sprinkling, but it was downright cold. Undeterred, we took the half mile hike down Blackrock Trail where we were greeted by a sign warning of the steep drop off to the beach.

We managed to pick our way down the six foot drop to find the other worldly beach littered with trees that have fallen to the forces of erosion.

We spent over an hour on the deserted beach exploring the boneyard of trees. No spectacular sunrise, but a wonderful morning…six down, eight to go!


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