Tax Day Treats

For the past several weeks friends and family have talked about their plans for their tax refunds. Everyone seems to be trying to decide if they’ll buy clothes, something for the house, take a weekend trip, buy something “just for fun”, or maybe add to their savings.

My question…what refund? Are we the only family in the U.S. who writes a check to Uncle Sam on tax day?

Sure, we could have more withheld from our paychecks to avoid some of the April 15th pain, but we never get around to making a trip to personnel and filling out more forms so every year it’s the same. We watch everyone hurry to file their taxes, get a refund, and spend their windfall while we wait until the last minute to file and write a check to the U.S. Treasury.


So instead of making a purchase with a refund, maybe we can take advantage of some of the Tax Day Freebies offered by businesses this year.

  • Sonny’s VIP IRS (Irresistible Ribs Special) on Tax Day. Come in for half off a rib dinner plate dinner.
  • Arby’s Free Curly Fries on 4/15. Make sure you print a coupon at
  • Free shredding from Office Depot. Again print a coupon for 5 pounds of free shredding. And you don’t have to rush out today to take advantage of this offer since it’s good through 4/29.
  • Schlotzsky’s free Tax Day sandwich. Buy a 32 oz. drink and a bag of chips and get a free sandwich! Of course, since I’d have to drive to Gainesville, this probably isn’t the best deal.
  • The 1040 Tax Day Deal Chicken Meal gives guests two half chicken individual meals for $10.40.
  • Free Chocolate Chip Cookies at Great American Cookies. Free Cookies for all!
  • Ace Hardware $10 off $40 purchase with online code TXDAY14
  • Chili’s free appetizer with the purchase of an adult meal.
  • Half-price drinks and slushes all day at Sonic.
  • 15% off airfare on JetBlue (Guess this is for those with refunds!)

Numerous hotels throughout the country are offering discounts on everything from drinks to massages, but I’m not going anywhere today so I won’t be taking advantage of these offers.

Even those of you who received that nice refund check in the mail can take advantage of these special offers. Just don’t brag about the size of your check when you see me getting 1/2 price ribs at Sonny’s!

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