Tervis Mania

I admit to having more than a few Tervis® Tumbler products. They are perfect for  using outside on the patio and they don’t leave rings on the furniture when drinks are carried all over the house and I appreciate their lifetime guarantee, but this week I witnessed an incredible sight as dozens of shoppers frantically attacked the shelves of the Tervis® Tumbler Outlet Store in Venice.


The obvious question…what possessed me to stop in this outlet store? The sign advertised 40% off ice buckets, and I’ve thought for years we should get an ice bucket instead of using an ice chest in the dining room when we have guests.

However, I was not prepared for the crazed shoppers or the variety of products available. Of course, the emblem of every sports team can be found on the shelves, but I didn’t realize Tervis® tumblers brought together the Harley Davidson® crowd and the Greeks found on college campuses.

Apparently, mock wine glasses are perfect for the bride and groom and doesn’t everyone need the full set of mustache glasses?

Best of all, the Tervis® Tumbler Outlet Store is a family vacation destination. Kids are invited to design their own Tervis®. Watch out Disney…you’ve got some pretty stiff competition in Venice.

The cars in the parking lot represented most of the midwest states and the cash register rang up purchases non-stop while we were in the store. So, what did we buy? I’m proud to say we left empty handed. Only a few ice buckets were marked down 40%, and we really don’t need one that says “Captain”.

I even passed on the FAU glass…great restraint for an alum.


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  1. They have great coupons online. I’d suggest waiting until you can find a good coupon and order online. I love Tervis! It’s pretty much all we use. We have all sorts of sizes and the lids are great.

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