Early Christmas Shopping

IMG_3576For over thirty years I’ve driven past the corner of SR 40 and Railroad Avenue in Barberville gawking at the metal works at the Handmade Pottery stand, but last weekend we stopped and shortly after entering under the legs of a 30 foot tall giraffe, I realized this may be the perfect place to purchase Christmas gifts.

The fist item to catch my eye as a potential Christmas gift was a knight for Meghan and Jon, UCF alum.

IMG_3549Then the Jeep sign jumped out…perfect for Sarah and Daniel, since they’ve been Jeep shopping.

IMG_3554As I turned the corner, I  found great furniture for Emily and Brian for their back porch.

IMG_3556And since John’s been asking for a goat, I’ve found just what he needs.

IMG_3568A lighthouse for Carol and Dan since they got married at Ponce Inlet, a dragon for Dad, the Silver Creek Dragon, a heron for mom, the bird watcher, a giant chicken for Jeff and Carole…just because it would be such a statement piece in their front yard. And if anyone’s looking for a gift for me, there’s a nice turtle!

My only problem…these items are pretty pricey! But, I’ve got another eight months to save up.

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