Weigh-in Wednesday: March

Fortunately there’s more to weighing in than stepping on the scale because I’ve been stuck on the same weight for three months now.  However, this month the MRMC Wellness bus enabled me to check on progress of a variety of health measures, not only weight.
After starting my year long weight loss efforts in 2013, I realized I hadn’t kept any data regarding health or fitness other than my weight. If I were to start today, I would also measure inches to get another picture of progress.

Fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to visit the Wellness Bus every year since 2000 so this year’s health screening provided data that enabled me to compare more than my weight this year compared with my weight a year ago. And while I knew carrying extra weight affected other health measures, this year’s results proved the importance of lifestyle changes.
For those not convinced, the proof is in the numbers.

  • Weight: 25 pounds lighter than 2012 and 10 pounds lighter than in 2000
  • Blood pressure: No change…I’ve always been the picture of health where blood pressure is concerned.
  • Cholesterol: In 2008, my doctor’s office called when my total cholesterol exceeded 200 warning me that I needed to exercise and lose weight or I’d need to take medication. Guess what? They were right. A year of weight loss and increased exercise and my total cholesterol dropped over 30 points – back to where it was in 2001. And better yet, both the HDL and LDL levels improved as well.

Even my grip strength improved after declining for several years.
In fact, my health stats are back to what they were at age 40…not bad.

Of course, the nursing student conducting the screening couldn’t let me escape without admonishing me about my body fat percentage (the one stat that remains less than desirable) telling me I need to drink more water and participate in a weight training regimen.

Oh well, a good reminder that this health thing is a constant work in progress.

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