Weigh-In Wednesday – Week 4

LoseItlogoAdding cold water went well on the weekdays, but I didn’t follow through on Saturday or Sunday. I know I can make this change. I just need to work on making it a seven day a week change. The biggest problem on the weekend was forgetting to start the day drinking water. I met the goal of drinking 8 or more cups of water each day. It’s just starting the weekend morning that needs some work.

Logging success continues. Lose It makes this such a simple process that I haven’t forgotten to log food for two weeks! Now it’s time for a new goal, and this week I’m going to concentrate on exercise. I’ve been walking and even logging exercise, but I want to set a goal of at least three and a half hours of exercise each week. Not 30 minutes a day because I know that will be more difficult to accomplish. I’m not likely to exercise daily, but if I spread the goal over the course of a week, I think I can be successful.

It feels great to still be enthusiastic about a weight loss resolution! Looking forward to losing that first 10 pounds.

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