Make a Minute for Money

As I’ve been gathering receipts and financial data to take to the accountant to file my taxes, I realized I should pay more attention to finances on a regular basis instead of doing this just once a year.

It’s easy to have financial amnesia if you don’t consciously make time to check on your finances regularly. Since you work hard, it only makes sense to work equally hard protecting your hard earned money.

I’d like to encourage you to make time daily (but at least weekly) to check on your money. If you take one to five minutes a day to check on your bank and credit card accounts that would be a good start. Not only will you be alerted to possible fraud, you’ll be more aware of how you’re spending and saving. Seeing those transactions and account balances prevents financial amnesia…there’s no denying what you see in black and white.

By setting aside just five minutes daily you can better manage your money. Here’s some suggestions on how to spend those five minutes:

  • Check your bank account examining all transactions for the previous week.
  • Check one credit card account. Look for suspicious charges and verify payments. Don’t forget to check your interest rate. If it’s been raised, call and ask why.
  • Check phone or utility account. Are there unusual charges? Can you make a change to lower your bill?
  • Clean out the refrigerator. Yes, this is a money saving task. How much food did you waste? How could you change your shopping habits to avoid the waste? Or did you throw away a lot of take home boxes?
  • File, scan, and shred. (This is a big one! I sure wish I’d been doing this all year. A few minutes once a week would be much easier.)


These five minute check ups are a good place to start, but consider using an app like Mint to create a budget and track your spending, and using Evernote’s a great way to organize receipts and financial information so that preparing for tax season in 2015 will be a little less stressful.

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I’m making a calendar with daily financial tasks as reminders to keep me on track. Make a plan and set aside a minute for money on a regular basis.




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