Dear Burger King,

IMG_3066Why is it that a fast food restaurant that is supposed to specialize in burgers and fries cannot make an edible french fry? I don’t eat at Burger King often, but when I picked up a Whopper Jr. meal earlier this week, I was offered Satisfries with my meal.

Unsure what was meant by the term Satisfries, the girl taking the order explained they were crinkle cut fries. Sure, I’ll take Satisfries with my order.

As I pulled away from the drive through, I popped a fry in my mouth and quickly deposited it in a napkin. How could a french fry taste so awful?

When I got home, I salted the fries and got out the ketchup in an effort to make the fries edible, but even that didn’t work. Why can’t Burger King make french fries? Burger King’s been serving burgers and fries for 60 years. How can this still be a problem?IMG_3068

As I tried to find the words to describe the fries, I found an article on Bloomsberg Businessweek which reviewed fries from several fast food restaurants and decided their review clearly describes the Satisfries I tried to eat:

Burger King (BKW)
#WTFF. That’s the hashtag the Miami-based fast-food chain uses to promote its new crinkle-cut Satisfries, which boast a special coating designed to absorb less oil. Unfortunately, they taste so terrible you’ll throw them out before eating more than a few. The exterior is undersalted and sometimes sandy. The interior has a dry, gravelly texture, evoking a poorly made batch of mashed potatoes. #WTFF indeed. Rating: 0.5/10

The Best Fast-Food Fries: How Burger King’s Satisfries Compare Bloomsberg Businessweek

My advice: just say no to the Satisfries!

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