Weigh In Wednesday: February

IMG_3062The last Wednesday in February means it’s time to weigh in on my progress on meeting my final weight loss goal. I only wish I had better news to share…2014 has not been a good one on the weight loss front.

Although I haven’t gained any weight in February, I’m stuck a couple of pounds heavier than in the final days of 2013. There has been some good news. I’m exercising more consistently. I’m recording on Lose It more often. But obviously not enough to make a difference.

The biggest mistakes I’m making…eating too much sugar! Last year I eliminated all candy from the house, but not so this year. Too many celebrations with cake. I’ve also let soda slip back in too often.

Researchers report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that sugar is harder to resist than any other food and I’d have to agree with their findings. I’m cleaning the cabinets today…getting rid of the sugary foods. In March I want to report that I’m back on the path to weight loss.

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