Join the 365 Grateful Project

Last week I came across a website called 365 Grateful which described a simple project that can help remind us to reflect on something positive every day. That’s important since recognizing reasons for gratitude has been described as the secret to happiness.

I especially like the 365 Grateful Project because instead of keeping a traditional gratitude journal, the goal is to take one picture every day of something for which you’re grateful. How easy! We all carry a camera with us everywhere we go, so you only have to snap one picture each day as a reminder of something beautiful in your life.

The woman who created the original project actually took Polaroids and made an album of the pictures, and you could certainly print copies to make an album; however, my plan is to add one picture each day to the Journal app I like, My Wonderful Days. I can just add a photo or I can add a caption or if inspired to do so can even write more, but in any case, I’m going to try to add one picture each day of something I want to remember.

At the end of the year, I’ll have a digital album of gratitude…the lazy man’s version of a scrapbook. Of course, those same pictures can even be used to create a Shutterfly book, something a little more tangible.

Even before beginning this project, I’ve taken many pictures of things for which I’m grateful.

I’m excited to get started and want to invite you to join the 365 Grateful Project.



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