Welcome…Don’t Steal the Towels

IMG_2408Upon check in at the Comfort Inn in Marianna, we were greeted by a welcome sign in the bathroom reminding us that if we need an essential toiletry item, we should contact the front desk for assistance. Welcome to Comfort Inn.

But when I turned around I noticed a second sign that’s not so welcoming.

IMG_2409I get the message…don’t steal the towels! This is Comfort Inn. No one wants to buy Comfort Inn towels. John describes their towels as good boat towels…ones he would use to dry the seats on the boat, not ones anyone would buy for personal use. IMG_2412

Sure, there are websites by Hilton and Westin Hotels offering towels, robes, and bedding for sale to their guests, and in fact, our mattress and pillows were purchased from the Doubletree site. What better way to “test drive” a mattress than to sleep on it. After sleeping well on a Doubletree mattress on more than one occassion, we ordered the hotel mattress so we could sleep as well at home as when on vacation.

But this isComfort Inn, and no, I do not agree with your policy. If a towel is missing from this room, check with your housekeeping staff. I did not steal a “boat towel”, and I do not agree to any extra charges for missing linens.

What do you think? Do you find the offer to buy linens offensive or is it just a way to offer a product to guests?


2 thoughts on “Welcome…Don’t Steal the Towels

  1. I think you are completely WRONG. If you only knew how many people are stealing towels and even unscrew hangers from the walls… Just because you and me aren’t stealing this doesn’t mean others aren’t doing it.

    1. Jessy, I’m sorry I hit such a nerve over hotel towels, but I still believe there must be a better way for Comfort Inn to send this message than a threat to charge guests for missing towels. Fortunately, I rarely stay in these hotels, using them only as a last resort. I prefer more welcoming places to spend my money. But, to each his own.

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