14 in 14

Bass, beaches, biking…sunrises, sunsets, snook…hatching turtles and good food…words to describe the adventures in 2013. January 2013 started with John and me sitting on the porch creating a list of things we wanted to do over the course of the year, and by the first of December when we’d checked off the last of the items on our 13 in 13 list, we started discussing plans for 2014.

The making of the 2014 list became an event of its own. Both John and I created lists of ideas and then on January 1st we sat down together and revealed our ideas, one at a time, ready for further discussion and negotiation to determine which items would be included on our official 14 in 14 list.

Surprisingly, four ideas appeared on both of our lists and three of those made the final cut. Several of the ideas morphed into more elaborate plans than originally imagined, and after a couple of hours of discussion we agreed on the 14 adventures for 2014.

So what’s on the list?

  • a trip to Birmingham
  • another sunrise sunset trip, but with different beaches than those from 2013
  • visits to several springs throughout Florida
  • manatee
  • shark teeth and a boneyard
  • a parade, pancakes, and paella
  • a triathlon

I know that’s not 14, but it’s more fun to keep a few under wraps.

January 2nd, we hit the road and visited Fanning Springs State Park as the first stop in 2014 and penciled in dates for the events that will occupy our time this year. Can hardly wait!

Fanning Springs - 14 in 14 begins!
Fanning Springs – 14 in 14 begins!

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    1. I hope you’re still as enthusiastic when you learn more about the triathlon we’re participating in since it may not be what you expect! Excited about our 2014 adventures!

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