A New Tradition

According to my friend, Kay, if you do something two years in a row, it’s a tradition. Using this standard, participating in a First Day Hike is now officially a tradition.

On January 1, 2013, we started the day hiking the LaChua Trail at Payne’s Prairie. The easy three mile hike provided ample opportunities for upclose alligator encounters. In addition to alligators, we observed wild boar and wading birds on our first day hike.

This year we kicked off 2014 with a First Day Hike at Rainbow Springs State Park. Despite the rain, we managed to hike the three mile yellow trail.

The fourth largest spring in the state and a popular park for swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, kayaking, and picnicking, Rainbow Springs was nearly deserted on the first day of the year with only three other cars of visitors braving the less than perfect weather.

Originally we planned to rent a kayak and paddle for a couple of hours but decided against sitting in a puddle on a cool January morning. We’ll leave that for another day.

Taking a First Day Hike…a new tradition!

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