Stop and Smell the Stuffing

“Stop and smell the stuffing,” commands Kenan Thompson’s Mr. Senior character in an SNL skit in which he tries to stop people from rushing to celebrate Christmas and trampling over Thanksgiving.

As one who enjoys everything about fall and Thanksgiving, like Mr. Senior I’ve wanted to pull the plug on everything related to Christmas until I’ve had time to digest my turkey and pumpkin pie. No Christmas music. No stockings or nutcrackers hanging from street lights. No Salvation Army bell ringers with donation buckets posted outside stores. No ads with elves or Santa. No red and green. November means gold, orange, brown, pumpkins, Pilgrims, Indians, turkey, dressing, and football.

Even my Christmas cactus decided to bloom early. Maybe it’s confused by the Christmas tunes heard in commercials. I’ll have to protect it from the wrath of Mr. Senior for a couple of more days!

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