Donate Hurricane Supplies!

As you count your blessings and make Thanksgiving preparations remember to share your good fortune. An easy way to do this is by donating to a local food bank.

Many organizations are collecting for food pantries and I noticed today Publix is now asking customers to add a contribution to their purchase upon check out with the proceeds being distributed to local food banks. It can’t get much easier than that! And it only takes small contributions by many to make a difference.

In addition to making monetary contributions there are many opportunities to participate in food drives. One painless way to donate to a food drive: donate the canned goods you purchased in May or June in preparation for hurricane season.IMG_1376

The extra peanut butter, soup, spaghetti sauce, juice boxes, cereal, and canned foods make the perfect food bank contributions, and since this food’s been set aside for the hurricane that never materialized, when you donate it you’re not only sharing food but expressing your gratitude that you survived another hurricane season storm free.

Take a few minutes and clean out the food tucked away with your hurricane supplies and donate!





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