Weigh-In Wednesday: Week 46

Week 46 provided more than a couple of weight loss challenges.

  1. Big Mac on Friday. My favorite stress food for lunch on Friday after working for two days to get the hangar ready for the wedding.
  2. Chili and sandwich bar. During Friday night’s rehearsal party I ate two bowls of chili, a sandwich, sangria, soda, and cookies.
  3. Food trucks. The Treehouse Truck, Fish Out of Water, and The Crepe Company followed by bites of several desserts from the sweets table at Saturday’s wedding.
  4. Too many sodas. Breaks from setting up and breaking down included too many sodas.

Despite all of the obstacles I managed to only gain one pound during the wedding week. Not too bad.

Back at home and on a regular schedule I’ll get on track with weight loss as well.

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