Sensational Sunrise Search

In January when John and I created our 13 in 13 list, I insisted that we include watching the sunrise on the east coast of the state and then the sunset on the west coast on the same day. We accomplished this in June, starting the day in Miami Beach and catching the sunset in Naples. The day ended as it began…lightning, thunder, rain…but it stopped just long enough for us to catch the sun rising and setting.

Sunrise Miami Beach

Naples sunset




I’m not sure what happened to me, but I’ve been obsessed with photographing sunrises and sunsets this year.

Sunset Fort DeSoto

Sunrise Fernadina Beach

Sunset at Mark Light Field, University of Miami


Sunset and moon rise Lake Rouseau

Some of the sunrises on Lake Weir

Sunsets on Lake Weir


I loved watching the sunrise over the Atlantic and set over the Gulf the same day, but as I look back at the pictures, the ones taken from our yard can’t be beat. They’re truly sensational, but I’m still open to suggestions…where are your favorite spots for a beautiful sunrise or sunset?

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