Use Your Vacation Days!

Last week Dad was talking to one of his colleagues and the conversation turned to their vacations. This person told your Dad that he was unable to use his vacation (P.T.O. or paid time off) days this year and as a result “lost them”. That’s right lost them…the county has a use it or lose it policy, and he decided to work instead of taking some time off.

How can anyone let this happen? I know you have many responsibilities at work and frequently it’s necessary to put in some extra time or effort before or after a vacation in order to keep from being swamped and overwhelmed once you return; but don’t let this prevent you from using EVERY day your entitled to take off.

So why should you use your allocated vacation?

  1. According to a study conducted by State University of New York, those who take a vacation from work live 20% longer.
  2. Remember how excited you were as a child when you had a vacation from school? Well, a vacation from work is an opportunity to be a kid again.
  3. What better way to relax than to get away from your day-to-day routine?
  4. If you enjoy waking up on Saturday more than on Monday then you’ll be happier if you take time off.
  5. Time away from work provides an opportunity to focus on interests and hobbies or projects. While these activities may seem like work to others, there’s a difference between working on a project for yourself as opposed to one for your boss.
  6. Vacation days help to relieve stress. I can’t think of anyone who can’t benefit from a little stress reduction.
  7. When you’re away from work, your brain has time to recharge and therefore many people get their best ideas when away from work according to Robert Kriegel, the author of How to Succeed in Business Without Working So Hard.
  8. Spending time with friends or loved ones provides opportunities to build bonds and memories.
  9. You earned it! If you’re lucky enough to work for an organization that offers time off, by all means take it. Not taking vacation days is no different than telling your employer they can keep your pay!

Don’t be one of those people who are so busy or think they are so important that they can’t possibly get away from work. Take a break. Change your routine. Relax. Use your vacation days as a way to take care of yourself and have some fun!






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