Eat Breakfast

I know you started the day with breakfast as a child. Every morning we all gathered around the table before work or school and ate our morning meal together. On weekdays, we ate simply…cereal, juice, toast, fruit…but we ate. A quick trip to Tas-T-O for donuts or Publix for danish changed up our routine on occasion, and the weekends always meant scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, French toast, waffles, or omelets thanks to your Dad. It’s no wonder I love breakfast. I hope you’ve continued the habit of eating breakfast every day. It really is the perfect way to start the morning.

Breakfast has been making news this week! You may have read or heard some of the headlines:
Skipping breakfast may have serious health consequences (New York WPIX)
Skipping breakfast linked to increased risk of heart attack (Forbes)
Why you should eat breakfast (Time and Yahoo News)
Avoid these 5 breakfast mistakes (U.S. News World Report)
No breakfast? You may have raised your risk of heart attack (Hamiiton Report)
Regular morning meal may help regulate body’s metabolism (Daily Mail)
All the more reason to eat breakfast!
It seems every newspaper, Internet news source, radio station, and television station reported on breakfast this week. The American Heart Association published a study by Harvard that’s caused breakfast to make front page news. According to the study, skipping the first meal of the day may lead to obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes as well as increase the risk of a heart attack.
In addition to the Harvard study you may have heard “experts” providing tips on choosing the right foods for breakfast. Some of the suggestions from nutritionist Keri Gans:

  • Eat protein – milk, eggs, 100% whole-grain toast, especially with peanut butter
  • Eat fiber – at least 5g of fiber in your cereal (the more sugar in your cereal, the hungrier you’ll be later)
  • Eat some fat (just don’t get carried away) – yogurt or nuts are good sources of fat
  • Eat enough food – consume 300-400 calories to avoid overeating later
  • Eat something – even if you don’t follow these guidelines, you still need to eat something for breakfast since any breakfast is better than none at all.

Another finding of the study: eating right before bedtime significantly increases the risk of coronary heart disease. I guess the message is to eat earlier in the day, starting with breakfast for better health.
Eat your breakfast!

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