Weigh In Wednesday: Week 30

IMG_0478I’ve developed a love hate relationship with mowing the grass. I hate it when the starter cord jerks my arm. I hate that my hands feel numb at the end of the job. I hate how my shoes and socks are stained green. I hate getting scratched by the thorns on the bushes along the back fence. But despite all the things I hate about mowing the grass, I love the calories I burn doing this job. When I finish mowing, I grab my phone and log exercise in the Lose It app. One hour of mowing equals 351 calories. Even after eating bacon and eggs for breakfast, I’ve burned more calories than I’ve consumed. That’s a good way to start the day. So all things considered, I love mowing the grass!IMG_0910

No weight loss this week, but no weight gain either. Maybe I need to start a lawn business!

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