Summer Camp


A couple of years ago while Spring cleaning, I found notebooks with poems written by John’s mother, Bettie Lou. After losing both her husband and son in 1985, Bettie Lou wrote poetry as a type of therapy. She later inquired about publishing some of her work, but in the 1990s blogs were not an option and we failed to find a  an outlet for her work. It seems like this is the perfect venue.

Summer Camp

Every woman should go back to summer camp.

Eat, sleep, dance, and play games with the group.

Have a teenage romance again.

Fall in and out of love with no regard for others.

I long for those days; I need to go to summer camp.

I need to feel free and less defensive.

Select my partner before the caller says, “Swing…”

I will dance and enjoy without a care.

How did I get so involved with the feelings of others?

Why did things change?

Am I responsible for the others of the world?

I need to go back to summer camp.blou

While this picture of Bettie Lou was not taken at summer camp, it was taken when she was in high school during her “camp years”.

With so many pictures being posted of summer camp experiences, Bettie Lou’s poem seems to be appropriate. It was originally posted in June of 2013.

2 thoughts on “Summer Camp

  1. Beautiful! I truly believe in Bettie Lou’s early stages of Alzheimer’s that she had moments where she “danced and enjoyed without a care”.

  2. I have so many great memories of all kinds of summer camps. ….girl scouts, basketball and Month long camps in the summer! Not many pictures but tons of memories!!

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