Wunderlist Wonderful

wunderlistOrganization depends on list making…at least for me and I’ve been searching for the perfect list making tool to use on my phone, iPad, and computer. I’ve tried several, but until recently they’ve all come up short. Wunderlist makes it possible for me to keep multiple lists in a format that allows tasks or items to be checked off upon completion. I set due dates and reminders attached to lists and can email the lists I want to share with others.

Collaborating on lists makes Wunderlist wonderful. John and I can both add items to our shared lists so he doesn’t have to rely on me to remember to add razor blades to the grocery list or I don’t have to ask him to add a blanket to the camping list. Both of us have access to the lists with the ability to make changes and then whoever happens to stop at Publix has the list. No more leaving the list at home or in the car or losing the scrap of paper. We’ve even started a list with ideas for next year’s 14 in 14.Wunderlist-iPhone

Not all of my lists are shared. I have a list for gift ideas. One for writing ideas. Another of books I want to read. Of course, I have lists for packing for weekend getaways, vacations, and items needed to resupply a first aid kit. If you’re a list maker and are ready to graduate from paper and pencil, Wunderlist may be just what you need. And did I mention it’s free! That makes it worth a try! I hope you agree that Wunderlist is a wonderful tool to keep you organized.

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