Is this progress?

laundry podThe Container Store floods my email account with messages about the latest and greatest items to organize. I usually unsubscribe to this type of email but since The Container Store is one of my favorite retailers I tolerate this nonsense. They send a never ending list of organization tips for the kitchen, office, pantry, closet, and even your car. Recently, it’s been packing tips, luggage, and a variety of organizers to best utilize the space in your bags.

But I’m completely baffled by the email on the Laundry POD. My first impression…what a cool device, but then I asked myself why would anyone need a laundry POD? According to the message, it’s perfect for small loads, hand washables, and it saves water. Maybe, but is this really progress? What’s next? A couple of brightly colored man-made rock type items that can be used for scrubbing clothes? What would our grandmothers’ or great-grandmothers’ think?

Watch the video and leave a comment. I’m interested in your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Is this progress?

  1. From what I’ve heard about babies, you’d be doing that multiple times a day! Maybe it’s good if there’s a hurricane or if you’re camping? But I think I’ll stick with dirty clothes until I can get to a washing machine.

  2. I say it’s not progress. Why dont we make the soap while we’re at it. (: Also, I agree with Meghan. It might be good for hurricanes and camping. But otherwise it looks like too much work. Plus, I can guarantee that I wouldn’t be smiling like the actress.

  3. Using as a washing machine substitute during a hurricane was a thought I had as well, but I always make sure everything is washed when a storm is approaching and if we’re without electricity long enough for me to run out of clean clothes we’re in big trouble! I’ll be looking for the Tide van to roll in to town.

  4. Reminds me of my Granny’s washing machine of 60+ years ago; just needs to be larger and with a hand wringer, The delicate cycle on my automatic washer works just fine on my delicate items. Next they will be bringing back the “scrubbing board”.

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