I Otter Be Working!

I can’t say that staff meetings are the highlight of my week. Since we are virtual teachers, our Thursday morning staff meetings take place online with teachers signing in from their home offices. Last Thursday, while discussing completing and documenting parent contact, semester deadlines, and an upcoming in-service day I noticed a lot of commotion in the water just out past the dock. I continued watching trying to determine what type of critter was responsible.

To my surprise, I saw a dozen otters swimming and playing in the lake. Now I’ve seen otters in the lake before, but never more than three or four at a time. As soon as my meeting ended, I grabbed my phone and headed down to the water. They continued playing only about ten yards off shore for another thirty minutes entertaining me while I settled back into grading student work.

Another reason I love working from home!

2 thoughts on “I Otter Be Working!

  1. I love watching otters…..how cool to watch them in your backyard…..and I agree a great reason to love working from home

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