Weigh In Wednesday: Week 17

Finally, back on track. Not only did I lose the pound I gained last week, but I lost another 1/2 pound as well. Getting back to walking while working makes a big difference. It’s good to be home where I can use my treadmill desk on a daily basis…too bad I can’t take it with me when I work away from home.

You're reading it correctly...almost 4 miles of walking while working yesterday!
You’re reading it correctly…almost 4 miles of walking while working yesterday!

Reduce has been important word in my recent Go Green posts, but it’s also been an important in getting back on track with losing weight: reduce stress, reduce soda, reduce sweets, and reduce the number of trips to McDonald’s equals a reduction in the number of pounds registered on the scale when I weigh in.

I’m anxiously awaiting my next Lose It Badge: Goal Achieved; just over a pound away!

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