3 Down; 10 To Go

Our third adventure from our 13 in 13 list occurred during a Spring Break trip to Fort DeSoto. It didn’t turn out exactly as planned, but flexibility is one of our strengths.

Our plan: camp at the state park on Wednesday and Thursday night, enjoy the beach, go out in the boat, ride bikes.

Our reality:

1) We launched the boat and had a picnic on Sand Key Preserve. The cool temperatures in the 60s with 15 mph winds eliminated the possibility of bathing suits or beachwear. In fact, we dressed in jeans, sweatshirts, hats, gloves, and I had a blanket wrapped around my legs to stay warm. With the increasingly rough water, we returned to the ramp after only a couple of hours on the water – a cold but good start to the trip.

2) We rode our bikes from the campground to the beach and on down to the pier. No one ventured into the water and only a few people walked on the beach. After about an hour and a half we headed back to the campground.

3) We relaxed at the campground reading and lounging in the hammock (wrapped in a blanket) before going to dinner at Billy’s Stonecrab, Seafood, and Steaks. We stopped along the way to take some pictures of the sunset but almost missed it since we sat in the car waiting until the last minute to avoid to cold.


4) We celebrated John’s birthday with a gift certificate from some of his coworkers and feasted on bang bang shrimp,  grouper sandwiches, and pineapple upside down cake – all delicious!

5) As a result of the cold temperatures and the weather report we saw while at dinner predicting record lows in the mid thirties with possible frost and winds of 20 mph, we made the decision to return to the campground, pack up, and return to the lake. Last year when we decided to begin tent camping again we agreed that these trips were for fun. We said if the weather was bad (we were thinking too hot or rainy), the mosquitoes unbearable, or if we weren’t enjoying ourselves, we wouldn’t stay. A cold night in the tent followed by a day too windy to go on the water…why stay?

6) We packed up the tent, sleeping bags, hammock, bikes, and the boat while listening to the snores of a camper in a nearby site.

7) By 1:00am we climbed into bed ending adventure number 3 on our list. Not exactly what we expected, but we had a good day and prepared for a good night’s sleep.

Hopefully, adventure 4 proves more successful!


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