Weigh-In Wednesday: Week 13

scaleSo I lost four pounds this week! I’ve finally learned the secret to losing weight, and I want to share it! Since we’re spending Spring Break at the lake I decided we should take the scale to the lake so I can continue my daily weighing routine. Imagine my surprise when I weighed four pounds lighter the first day. I thought I should move the scale to the hall…maybe the bedroom floor wasn’t level. I still registered three pounds lighter. Then I moved the scale downstairs on concrete slab…definitely a better surface. I’m still nearly three pounds lighter. So clearly the best way to weight loss…move the scale…keep moving until you get the best reading and record!

Seriously, I have no idea if I’ve gained or lost weight this week. I’ll weigh in next week after Spring Break.

No Lose It badges. No accurate weigh-in. No schedule. This week I’ll just try not to indulge too much, remember to exercise, and stay on course.

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