Not Exactly What We Planned

A three week trip begins with planning so we started researching destinations and activities in January for a May departure. With plans penciled in, we encountered our first stumbling block. The church conference John would be attending in June was a week earlier than we thought resulting in five days and two National Parks being eliminated from our itinerary.

Then just a week before our departure flooding in Missouri meant another change. We wouldn’t be riding our bikes on the Katy Trail. Instead, we decided to spend those days in Rocky Mountain National Park. And while we knew it would be cold with a couple of inches of snow possible, we were surprised by the events on this leg of the trip.

We pulled into Aspenglen Campground in the Rocky Mountains. Snow started to fall immediately after we set up camp. The couple of inches of snow predicted before we left home turned out to be a foot when we awoke in the morning.

Our first reaction: amazement, not only by the amount of snow but by the beauty.

After building a snowman and taking a selfie,we quickly packed so we could follow the snowplow out of the campground.

Since snow was still falling, we were afraid we could find ourselves unable to drive if we didn’t hit the road when we had a chance.
Our next problem, where could we stay? Hotels were not taking additional guests due to concerns about taking care of those already registered, campgrounds said their sites were inaccessible and roads were closed so leaving the area was not possible.

Finally Elk Meadows Campground in Estes Park agreed to clear a path to a campsite. Safe place to park. Electricity, water and heated bathroom. Time to settle in for a bowl of taco soup, a little reading and then some games.
The next morning was time to make our escape. John worked with campground employees to dig the RV out of the snow that was now almost three feet deep, and after lunch in Estes Park and hearing reports of clear roads to Cheyenne, we were back on the road.

Cheyenne was not on our original plan, but it turned out to be a good stop. We got the last campsite. Took a hot shower. Filled the RV with water and propane and emptied holding tanks ready for our days in the Tetons.

However, we decided to pass on taking a dip in the pool.

2 thoughts on “Not Exactly What We Planned

  1. What an unbelievable trip!!! Thanks for sharing. Know you enjoyed the beauty of the snow but were glad to get back to Sunny/rainy Florida!

    1. Fortunately we had many more days of good weather so not all was lost, but as always, it’s good to get back home.

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