We did what?

really have to take full responsibility for this one. Four years ago, I bought John a tent, cook set and other camping gear for Christmas – not because he’d asked for these things, but because I was at a loss as to what to buy.

Camping wasn’t a new activity for us, but it had been years since our last trip. We’d started with a tiny two man tent and moved on to a pop-up camper and then on the day we brought Sarah home from the hospital, we picked up a small motorhome that we used for vacations for about ten years. We’ve even flown across the country and rented motorhomes on more than one occasion for family camping trips.

However, on Christmas Day in 2012 when John opened a pile of camping related gifts, I should have known that it wouldn’t be long before we’d outgrow this primitive form of tent camping. Soon we added new sleeping bags, an inflatable mattress, a hammock, a more compact cooking stove and modern lanterns to our camping arsenal; and we reestablished ourselves as campers. Short trips in Florida, as well as camping in Texas, New Mexico, Virginia, Maine and even in a camper van in Iceland followed.

So it’s only logical that the next step in our camping journey would be the purchase of another recreational vehicle. After months of discussions and visits to dealerships and reading about campers, we finally took the plunge back into the world of motorhome owner.

Our first trip, a test run, to O’Leno State Park was a success. And since we’ve included several camping related adventures on our 17 in 17 list, I feel certain that our new home away from home will insure that these get checked off the list.

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