Yes, I’m still speaking to him

After reading an article about an elderly woman (age 88) victimized in a local Walmart parking lot by a purse snatcher, my wonderful, concerned husband started explaining to me about how I need to be vigilant so as not to be an easy target when walking in or out of stores.

When I failed to respond, he looked over at my blank face and said, not that you’re elderly…I mean…parking lots can be…you’re not elderly…I better shut up.

My wonderful husband reading the newspaper aloud and offering advice.

My response: good idea.

I’m not sure why, but, yes, I’m still speaking to him.

2 thoughts on “Yes, I’m still speaking to him

  1. He obviously wasn’t with us all the times you taught us to get our keys ready in the store, to be prepared to use them as a weapon, check our surroundings, and to immediately lock the doors once we get in the car.

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