Don’t Worry About the Gators

When Meghan heard we were going to Lakeland to spend some time with three month old Gracie, she sent me a text: Please tell me you’re not taking Gracie to Circle B Bar Reserve.

The Circle B Bar Reserve is the location of one of the most watched videos of the past couple weeks. You know, the one in which a massive alligator crosses the trail with onlookers gawking in the background.


Meghan knew we’d recently explored this area on visits to Lakeland and have even said it would be a great place to take Gracie for a walk on a future visit.

The Reserve is a great place for bird watching, and we’ve enjoyed walking on several of the park’s nine trails. It’s also an area with bicycle trails, fishing and picnic facilities so there are many reasons for a return visit; but rest assured, while we’ve been known to wander in swampy areas with gators bellowing in the background, we would NEVER let Gracie or Johnny get too close to a gator. (Close encounters with gators, moose and bison with our children will not be repeated with grandchildren.)



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