Back to Being Mom

The last time I posted on Mom’s Monday Memo was February 29th when I announced this blog was coming to an end as I moved on to something new. I’d designed a new website, Empty Nest Full Suitcase, and I planned to write about the travels of two recently retired empty nesters taking on new adventures.

Bags are still packed waiting for adventures.

However, I’ve come to realize that while I love this idea, and I love the title and set up of the new blog, and while there’s been no shortage of travel to write about, I do not love writing only about travel.

Planning for the next road trip.

In fact, it’s been torture. I don’t write to earn money or to promote products, I just write for fun. And since I’ve haven’t written for 21 days, not once in the month of September and only four times in August, it’s obvious this hasn’t been fun.

So I’m going back home. Back to where I started. In November 2012, I attended the Sanibel Writer’s Conference, learned blogging basics and started writing. Writing and posting EVERY day for over three years. My daughter’s haven’t been able to escape the Monday memos from Mom so I guess that’s where my writing heart belongs…jotting down messages to share with my girls.

Meghan at infant and child CPR class…a family affair.


I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up with the daily posts of the past since we’ll be welcoming two new family members in the coming months. Grace will be here any day now and Baby Patty’s birth will usher in the new year so I expect to be distracted by things pink and blue. Distractions that may interfere with a daily writing routine.

Emily…10 days and counting!



Our bags are still packed. We’ll still be traveling. But I’ll be doing what I enjoy. Writing about this and that…family, travel, food, bicycling and whatever else strikes my fancy. And of course, I’ll be dishing out advice from Mom.

Sarah…ready to ring in the new year with Baby Patty.


8 thoughts on “Back to Being Mom

  1. I’m glad to have MMM back. Though, my inbox was still getting the advice, I was sad that this was going away because I really love reading what you write. I want you to love what you write about, and I’m glad I get to benefit from it. Love you and love MMM.

  2. I am so excited….not that I didn’t totally love your travels…but excited you are doing what you enjoy!!! …may have to rename it with “grandma” now!!!

    1. There will still be plenty of travel writing since that’s what we do, but I enjoy writing about miscellaneous topics more. I’m glad you’re a reader.

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