Shamrock Punch

With a name like McCollum, how can we ignore St. Patrick’s Day? As a teacher I always recognized this fun day by preparing shamrock punch for my students. This easy, tasty treat came at the perfect time during most school years. St.Patrick’s Day frequently fell in the middle of “standardized testing season” so a glass of shamrock punch after testing served as a refreshing change of pace.

Without a classroom full of students, I won’t need to purchase lime sherbert by the gallon this year, but I plan to make some as a reminder that Spring is just around the corner. This super, simple recipe is one I remember from my childhood. My mom made this punch, not for St. Patrick’s Day, but as a cool summer treat.

Shamrock Punch

I make this by the glass instead of in a punch bowl since it’s so much easier in the classroom.

In a small (5 oz.) plastic cup add one scoop of lime sherbert and then slowly pour cold Sprite. (It’s important to pour slowly because the soda will quickly bubble up and can easily spill over the top of the cup.)

That’s it! Make some Shamrock Punch Tuesday and have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Shamrock Punch

Originally posted March 17, 2013.





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