TBT Lesson #86

Today is the 30th birthday of my nephew, Matt. This special only child status didn’t last as Matt became the big brother to seven siblings, five brothers and two sisters…most of whom will be able to share this milestone birthday.

Happy birthday, Matt!


TBT Lesson #86: Remember, your Mom always has your back.

5 thoughts on “TBT Lesson #86

  1. What a memorable day that was!! On returning home from hospital after witnessing birth of our first grandson, the news on TV showed Challenger explosion. From an unbelievable high to a rock bottom low in a matter of minutes.
    Happy Birthday Matt! Love you, Gma & Gpa

    1. I remember the contrasts of the early morning call announcing Matt’s birth and then watching the shuttle explosion outside my classroom a few hours later.

  2. Thanks! It’s been a good one. My best gift is being able to spend more time with my niece since she’s going to be staying with us such a nice surprise!

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