1 Down; 15 To Go

On Sunday, January 17th, we completed the first item on our 16 in 16 list by attending the Jackson Browne concert in Gainesville at the Curtis M. Phillips Center. Before the concert began, John took this picture of the stage set up with twenty guitars and a grand piano. There was no doubt that we were in for a special night.


Once on stage, Jackson Browne explained that he didn’t have a set play list for the evening, but instead would be using the instruments on stage as a sort of juke box for the evening selecting an instrument and then playing something it inspired.

During his two hours on stage, Jackson Browne sang and played music spanning his career of more than forty years to an enthusiastic, if not young, crowd. We happened to be surrounded by people we knew…parent’s of former students, former colleagues, friends from church, even though we went to the concert as a couple; and we all joked that we weren’t as old as those other concert goers.


As you can tell, we weren’t in front row seats, but having attended several events in this venue, there really isn’t a bad seat in the house (so long as photographing the event is not a priority).

One of the final songs of the evening was Take It Easy, made famous by The Eagles, but written by Browne; and in fact, he said most people associate Glenn Frey playing and singing this song and sometimes wonder why he is playing it. That resulted in a discussion on the way home of the Eagles concert we attended in 2013. How strange to wake up the next morning to hear the news that Glenn Frey had died. A good reminder that there’s no time like the present to buy tickets and attend concerts.

You can watch Jackson Browne’s performing Take It Easy two nights later from his Clearwater concert by clicking here (the picture gets better after about 30 seconds).

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