Kick the Sugar Habit

Sugar made headlines last week with the release of new nutrition guidelines. The big news: sugar should only be 10% of daily caloric intake. As my mom would say, “That’s about as clear as mud.”

What’s meant by this 10% news? Based on a 2000 calorie diet, sugar intake should be limited to 50 grams or about 12 teaspoons. That’s a little more helpful, but then when I read that one soda contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar, I really got the picture.

I’ve cut way back on soda, but knowing that one soda contains enough sugar for an entire day makes me think about those unlimited soda refills at restaurants. That sounds dangerous for someone like me who is a self diagnosed sugar addict. I love sugar…not only in soda, but in cookies, cake, brownies, ice cream and candy. Cereal for breakfast is just another excuse for some added sugar, and when you consider things like syrup and jelly, not to mention the sugar hidden in dressings and other processed foods, I’m in trouble.


Walking through Target yesterday, I saw a super-sized box of Lemonheads, and I wanted to buy it badly. I tried to remember of the last time I’d eaten a Lemonhead and kept thinking about how I like the soft super sour outer layer as well as the sweet inner core. I’m proud to say I did not succumb to the temptation and left the store empty handed.

A diet limited to only 50g of sugar is going to be tough considering the information I found on the following containers in the refrigerator and cabinet:

  • can of soda – 39g
  • box of apple juice – 22g
  • fat free yogurt – 13g
  • ketchup – 4g
  • lite dressing – 4g
  • strawberry preserves – 12g
  • pancake syrup – 33g
  • M&Ms – 31g

Looks like I’m in trouble, but I’m committed to cutting back on sugar. Not sure if I can reduce to only 50g, but I’m going to work on it. Hope you’ll join me in an effort to kick the sugar habit.





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  1. But that’s my favorite habit! To quote Buddy the Elf, “We elves like to stick to the four major food groups. Candy, candy corn, candy canes, and syrup.”

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