Christmas Guns

On Sunday, December 13 we drove passed a strange sight on SR 42 on our way to Orlando. There was a house with more than a dozen, maybe closer to two dozen colorful piles scattered around the property. Finally, we identified them as inflatable Christmas decorations. It looked like someone had gone on a rampage with flattened Santa, Frosty, reindeer and toy soldiers left behind.


I couldn’t help but wonder what happened. Maybe they’d been destroyed by a dog or some wild animal.

Then about 15 minutes later we drove by a large crowd gathered at the Lake County Fair Grounds in Eustis with a sign out front announcing a Knife & Gun Show taking place inside. Of course, a trip to a gun show after lighting another Advent candle at church in search of the perfect Christmas gift. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


I wonder if the Knife & Gun show could be related to the flattened inflatables we’d passed earlier?

2 thoughts on “Christmas Guns

  1. I recently asked a friend who has an inflatable Santa why everyone lets them deflate during the day to just lay in the yard all day. He said that they stay inflated with a fan constantly running and people don’t want to pay a huge electric bill to keep them inflated the entire month of December. Seems like kind of a crazy decoration to me.

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